Our Demands

-We demand that the City of Atlanta repeal all city laws and policies that degrade, discriminate and cause harm against undocumented individuals and their families, Black lives, people of color, women, Muslims, immigrants and refugees, trans and queer people, and poor people;

-That the City of Atlanta not use its resources to assist in the deportation of our immigrant communities, including Atlanta police participation in ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) raids, transfer or hold requests, and the 287(g) program;

-That the City of Atlanta commit to fighting any effort to strip federal funding in response to City policies defending and protecting immigrants;

-That the City of Atlanta close the Atlanta City Detention Center (the “City Jail”).  As a first step, the City of Atlanta must stop detaining immigrants for ICE in the Atlanta City Detention Center;

-That the City of Atlanta, whose residents benefit from the labor of all workers, affirm the City’s commitment to enforce wage theft and labor violations regardless of immigration status;

-That the City of Atlanta oppose any registry based on religious identity, national origin, gender, race or political affiliation;

-That the City of Atlanta stop participating in the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE), a program that sends city police to Israel to receive training in repressive and racist policing tactics;

-That the City of Atlanta cease and desist from development and privatization projects that displace our people from their homes and neighborhoods;

-That the City of Atlanta appropriate the $30 million in revenue from the sale of Turner Field towards supporting community benefit programs for the neighborhoods around Turner Field;

-That the City of Atlanta pass an ordinance requiring a binding Community Benefits Agreement between developers and communities as part of the land-use agreement process any time the City sells high-value public land to a private developer;

-That the City of Atlanta divest from programs that reinforce the school-to-prison pipeline and that the City of Atlanta invest in programs that protect young people from racial profiling tactics that target Black youth;

-That the City of Atlanta law enforcement officials cease the use of police checkpoints, roadblocks, raids focused on arresting sex workers, and no-knock-warrants;

-That the City of Atlanta legalize marijuana;

-That the City of Atlanta end the use of money bail;

-That the City of Atlanta make fines and fees, issued by the municipal court, based on income; end failure to appear warrants; and provide dignified community service for indigent residences;

-That the City of Atlanta repeal the 77 city ordinances that provide the base for “Broken Windows” policing;  

-That the City of Atlanta invest in social services such as affordable housing, equitable health and environmental resources, equal access to high-quality public education accountable to the public particularly in underserved communities, and anti-recidivism mental health programs;

-That the City of Atlanta institute a minimum wage of $15 an hour;

-That the City of Atlanta support facilities and programs currently providing shelter and services for homeless people and open additional facilities, and also provide social and health services and help obtaining affordable permanent housing, and that the City of Atlanta not stigmatize homeless people or deny them access to our streets on the same basis as any other resident.  

This statement and the action on January 20 has been officially endorsed by:

Atlanta Antifascists, A World Without Police, Black Lives Matter Atlanta, Compassionate Atlanta, the Council on American-Islamic Relations: Georgia Chapter, Create Community 4 Decatur, End New Jim Crow Action Group, Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), Georgia AFL-CIO, Georgia Detention Watch (GDW), Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition (GPJC), Georgia WAND, Global South Research Consortium, Industrial Workers of the World General Defense Committee (IWW GDC), Interfaith Peace Builders, Jewish Voice for Peace – Atlanta, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM), Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America (MADSA), National Lawyers Guild – Georgia Chapter, Project South, Respetrans -Georgia Chapter, Showing Up for Racial Justice – Atlanta, Solutions Not Punishment Coalition (SNaP-Co), Southerners On New Ground (SONG), United Students against Sweatshops Georgia State University, US Human Rights Network , Workers World Party